Month: August 2016

DIY-Mud Room Cabinetry


We purchased our farmhouse it had these oak cabinets throughout the house that were simply overlooked because we were in love it.

As we walked into this home we walked in through the front door. Smart tactic by the real estate agent because we were able to see the entire first floor to see how beautiful it was. The laundry room is a very tight space that leads to the garage and back deck.

The problem?

We don’t use the front door as our primary entry. Once the car is parked I open the garage door and walk through this mud room. After being the house a few months we knew the cabinets had to be changed out, but who has that kind of money? Our income was not enough to replace these cabinets, but to restore them.

Lighten Up Your Master Bath



Similar to the laundry room post my husband and I noticed that our master bath was small, but functional. We purchased the house and the walls were originally blue. Click here for the paint post! So after painting the walls a dark gray we noticed the cabinets stuck out like a sore thumb. Besides the dark paint color making the room feel claustrophobic, the cabinets didn’t help either.

Creating a Year-Round Garden

Everyone dreams of this right? The luscious garden with juicy red tomatoes, fresh basil and thyme along with those amazing sweet corn that you can shuck and walk right in to your house to make a farm to table dinner every night.
When I think about that it gets me so excited. My mother had a small vegetable garden in New York while we were growing up. I can still remember smelling the tomatoes ripening on the window sill and the basil she was drying on the kitchen counter. Man did those home cooked suppers taste delicious.

Which Livestock is Best for 3.5 Acres


I researched this long and hard. There are so many pros and cons to having certain livestock, but it boils down to two things: 1.) We only have about 2-3 acres to fence. and 2.) We are broke.

When I researched feed, space, and resources I knew chickens would be beneficial. Chickens are able to be kept in enclosed areas and need roosting areas for eggs. They require about 1 square foot per chicken. Their feed is fairly cheap considering other livestock and they come with a lot of resource ideas. They produce eggs, meat, new chicks, and great compost. I would like to be able to utilize a chicken for every aspect. My husband and I determined if we rotate hens with a rooster we can have a new set of chicks per hen (4-6 hens).

Farm to Table Kitchen


When I check my Pinterest I am overwhelmed with all of the ideas I could apply to my home. We purchased our beautiful farmhouse in October of 2015 and have been remodeling it to fit our styles. My husband and I love the farmhouse/country style. Plain, neutrals, white, antique are something I dream my house to one day have at every turn.

When we purchased our home it is the exact style layout we dreamed to build on a piece of land. We killed two bird with one stone on this deal because we found it on 3.5 acres. Perfect.

When you purchase a home you are so excited that you think everything is perfect until you settle in and determine your style.

Ways to Inspire Farmhouse Decor


Here are some ideas for Farmhouse Decor in your home under any budget!