Month: November 2016

DIY-$2 Christmas Wreaths


‘Tis the Season for DIY Christmas Decor

Ever since we moved into our farmhouse I have been dying to hang Christmas Wreaths from the windows. The simplicity of the wreaths is an easy way to decorate. We don’t need Christmas lights because no don’t get a lot of traffic back where we are. Also, my husband and I decided that colorful light were a thing of the past. Crisp, white lights, garlands and wreaths would suit us just fine.

How to afford Christmas Wreaths

Well, that is simple. You make them! Now, this may seem like extra work but all it took was creativity. I went to Dollar Tree to find some red bows and wreaths. Unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not sell big enough wreaths so I had to improvise.

‘Tis The Season For Christmas Decor

‘Tis the Season

Welcome December! As the leaves finish falling and the fire places are burning I always love one more thing about December. Christmas Decor. After the I placed the autumn decorations in the attic I get a feeling of excitement and love. Everyone has the best memories of Christmas growing up with the christmas tree, decorations, cookies, music, stockings and family. This year I broke down and bought a couple more decorations to liven up the house.

DIY-Napkin Holders


For Thanksgiving this year I decided to have family over. I contemplated using paper or glass plates and prepared for both decisions. At the last minute, hours before guests arrived, I cleaned off my glass plates and set them on the table. Unfortunately, I did not have cloth napkins or napkin holders. I had to think outside the box.

Thanksgiving Feast Overview


Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

This year we decided to host our first holiday at our farmhouse. We have been in the house a little over a year ago and we were beyond excited to host my husband’s side of the family for Thanksgiving. I knew, being our first holiday, to make it something people raved about. The only problem I have is that I am a teacher and I know all about needing a budget. Time to brainstorm.

Transform your Quaint Master, Farmhouse Style


I have been focusing so much time on my living room and kitchen that the bedroom felt a little lackluster. I knew my vision, but it was a slow process.

The bedroom was a blue color when we first purchased the house and it hurt my heart to see such a blue in our room that was yearning to be gray and antiqued white.

Relax in Farmhouse Living


DeAnna and I had spent the previous day painting the kitchen from pale yellow to Colonnade Gray. That post is here.

I was so excited how the kitchen had turned out that I raced home from a hectic day of teaching 7 year olds to paint the living room. Once I for home we got down to work. Well, DeAnna cooked some delicious chicken while I painted; which I was happy with because she is an amazing cook.