A little about me!

Well, before you start reading about my posts I would like to tell you a little about myself. My name is Taylor Prickett and I am a 26-year-old living in the rural foothills of North Carolina. Here I have been teaching second grade for 4 years.

Along with me, is my husband, Dustin. Before we met, he was in the Army and did a tour in Afghanistan. He came to Florida to spend time with family when we met out in Okeechobee. We were inseparable. We decided to try out North Carolina in 2014. We married in November of 2015, on my grandmother’s birthday.


When we both moved back to his native state from Florida we brought with us two dogs, our fur babies. Dixie, our Labrador, Pit Bull Mix and Buddy, our Yorkshire Terrier. Weird combination, I know! But they are the best of friends.


During the morning of our wedding, the venue owner’s Boxer, Pit Bull Mix came barging into our cabin and made friends with the whole bridal party. The venue owner explained how they were fostering her until they could find her a new home.

Of course, my husband spots this adorable 6-month-old puppy and gives me this look. You know the look. The one where he is asking for a third dog, but knows we are kind of in the middle of our wedding ceremony. I finally broke down the day after and we decided to try her out in our family. Before the weekend was over I had already bought her a leash, bowl and dog tag. She was ours.


We live in a 2 story farmhouse on the far (southern) outskirts of Chapel Hill, NC. I refuse to consider our home a farmhouse until we have our farm up and running. My town has 2 stoplights and a post office. Just up the way is where Charlie Daniels went to school. He has a beautiful mural on one of the local stores downtown.

Now that’s my kind of living!

I have been teaching second grade at a wonderful school with an amazing team. These 5 other ladies have saved my butt a time or two and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I love what I do everyday to motivate children to want to read, write and learn something new everyday. Though it may be tough, I push through to see it all worth while.

My blog is going to be all over the place with posting categories. I don’t feel I need to stick to a topic and I want to post about my life from every lens.

Join me as I pursue my dreams of blogging, homesteading, teaching and keeping my faith strong.

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