DIY-$2 Christmas Wreaths


‘Tis the Season for DIY Christmas Decor

Ever since we moved into our farmhouse I have been dying to hang Christmas Wreaths from the windows. The simplicity of the wreaths is an easy way to decorate. We don’t need Christmas lights because no don’t get a lot of traffic back where we are. Also, my husband and I decided that colorful light were a thing of the past. Crisp, white lights, garlands and wreaths would suit us just fine.

How to afford Christmas Wreaths

Well, that is simple. You make them! Now, this may seem like extra work but all it took was creativity. I went to Dollar Tree to find some red bows and wreaths. Unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not sell big enough wreaths so I had to improvise.



Dollar Tree actually sells garland. My next project will be to wind this around the front porch, but I figured it could turn into a wreath by unwinding it a little. So I grabbed 5 decorative bows and 5 15 foot garland.




Turn a garland into a wreath

I started by untwisting the ends of the garland and stretched them out to about 13 inches. Then twisted the ends and lightly wrapped it around to keep them together.


Attaching the bow

This was probably the easiest part because the bow came with a gold pipe cleaner on the backside to hold it in place. So I fastened the bow to the top of the wreath.


Once they were attached I placed suction cup hooks on the windows (also purchased at Dollar Tree) These were 6 pack for $1. How can you beat that?




Final outcome

I hung them on the house as a dry-run at night to see if they would be on the windows by morning. Also, you can notice the wreaths are not circular. Again, I am waiting to see how long they last before making them perfect. I do not want to place them and have them fall within 24 hours. I am going to see what happens in the morning and update this post with a daytime picture along with garland on the front porch.

Tidbit: You can make the wreaths fluffier by adding a second garland around the edges.

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