DIY-Napkin Holders


For Thanksgiving this year I decided to have family over. I contemplated using paper or glass plates and prepared for both decisions. At the last minute, hours before guests arrived, I cleaned off my glass plates and set them on the table. Unfortunately, I did not have cloth napkins or napkin holders. I had to think outside the box.

Use items in your home.

I knew I bought Dollar Tree napkins for this disposable Thanksgiving, but since I went the formal route I needed to get creative with these napkins. I normally DIY in my home so I found some twine in my art room upstairs. I played around with some folding designs and found one that worked for me.


As you can see I didn’t even have enough red knives to serve 11 people and fortunately had the exact amount. Phew.

I started by placing the fork and knife together on top of the napkin then pushed them a little higher than half way.


I folded the bottom first.


Then I folded the right side of the napkin to wrap around the utensils.


I folded the left corner down to create a crease and proceeded to fold this around to wrap the utensils together.



The last step was to simply tie the twine around the napkin with a bow.



I feel the end results gave the plates and table a cute and simple feel without being too formal.dsc_0507



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