Farm to Table Kitchen


When I check my Pinterest I am overwhelmed with all of the ideas I could apply to my home. We purchased our beautiful farmhouse in October of 2015 and have been remodeling it to fit our styles. My husband and I love the farmhouse/country style. Plain, neutrals, white, antique are something I dream my house to one day have at every turn.

When we purchased our home it is the exact style layout we dreamed to build on a piece of land. We killed two bird with one stone on this deal because we found it on 3.5 acres. Perfect.

When you purchase a home you are so excited that you think everything is perfect until you settle in and determine your style.

The kitchen wall, in an open floor plan, was bright red. Yes, red. Now, my husband dreamed of a red kitchen equipped with hints or red and red small appliances, but this was an eyesore. Along with this, there is another set of oak cabinets that make me want to pull my hair out! My mudroom and bathroom had this same situation!

I needed to figure out how to incorporate our styles and keep his red accents. Candy apple red you are not the apple of my country eye.


Also, the pale yellow walls that was a flat paint. It only took a couple of weeks for our three dogs to destroy the wall color from the thigh down. Flat paint can NOT I repeat cannot be washed. It seeps into the sheetrock. This. must. change. Now.

So, my husband, Dustin, and I went to Lowe’s to look at paint colors. I convinced him that a light gray on the walls would brighten up the room and a brick red on the island would tie in all of his red items. He was timid, but after some convincing he decided to go along for my wild painting ride.

The paints that worked well together.

We chose two Sherwin Williams colors: Red Barn for the island and Colonnade Gray for the kitchen. Such a pretty combination. Since we have an open floor plan we needed to paint the living room this Colonnade Gray as well.


We purchased 3 gallons of Colonnade Gray and a pint of Red Barn. We were able to get the Sherwin Williams Ovation Interior Satin paint. (Satin is in between flat and eggshell. Satin can wipe off stains and it is not shiny)

My friend, DeAnna, came to visit for a week and helped us paint. She was a big help! We spent all day painting the kitchen and it came out beautiful.


The brick red island also added a rustic touch that didn’t seem like we did it ourselves.




If you notice in the island I left the wood grain exposed to give it that antique feel. My dogs also helped with this touch my scratching up the sides with their nails.


On top of the island is my DIY cake stand made from dollar store items.




Along with the kitchen is the open floor plan into the dining room. Small enough that I figured I didn’t need a separate post about it.


There will, however, be a post about how I turned this all wood $40 Craigslist table into our own farmhouse table.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I still have some of my favorite fall decor out. This is what is set on the table right now.




The cake stand my husband found at the dump (romantic or what?), the candle holder along with the faux pumpkins are from Kirklands, the salt and pepper shakers are from Bed Bath and Beyond, and the table runner is from Wayfair.


This beautiful fall arrangement was made with all supplies from Michaels. You would be surprised at the sales they have going on for holiday decor. I am still in love with the mason jar.


The counter space is loaded with different things, but today I noticed that this was left out. Our anniversary was November 14th and I forgot that my bridal party bought us these wine bottles in celebration of different milestones in our life together. We opened this red wine spritzer and it was GOOD. You notice the Michael’s fall decor in the background? Yeah, I’m kind of obsessed.


For Thanksgiving we will be hosting Dustin’s family and my father this year. This will be our first Thanksgiving in our farm home. I cannot wait to share my pie recipes and scrumptious entrees we have planned!

My name is Taylor and I am the writer of the blog Homestead Millennial. The blog posts are about homesteading and the millennial lifestyle.

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