Relax in Farmhouse Living


DeAnna and I had spent the previous day painting the kitchen from pale yellow to Colonnade Gray. That post is here.

I was so excited how the kitchen had turned out that I raced home from a hectic day of teaching 7 year olds to paint the living room. Once I for home we got down to work. Well, DeAnna cooked some delicious chicken while I painted; which I was happy with because she is an amazing cook.

This is what we walked into when we purchased the home.

How do you decorate a space with a caddy corner fireplace?

This was so tricky because of the open floor plan. The stairs and floor lead into the dining room and kitchen so the couch, at a certain angle, would block the flow into the living room. After many arrangements we decided on moving the couches in order to have a conversation piece instead of them facing the television.


The whole atmosphere of this room was bright, but I feel didn’t live up to my farmhouse standards. Especially the flat yellow paint. No thank you.

When my husband and I went to Lowe’s Home Improvement we picked out colors for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and upstairs (we have not started the upstairs projects!) So once the kitchen was painted I moved right to the living room.

So after some gray paint, elbow grease, a fabulous home-cooked meal and rehanging the decor my living room is finished! Well not completely, but the walls were done!


Now, with the new paint color I decided to get some mint throw blankets and the end table I painted mint (Bottom right corner). I feel the cooler paint brings out the flooring and the stripes in the ottoman.

Over by the fireplace I picked up an old chair and apple crate at a local country antique store. The mirror came from Kirklands. That bad boy was $99 and I got it on clearance for $37!



Along the fireplace mantle we strung a cotton garland to match the rustic decor.


Looking back at what we started with I am proud of how our living has turned out. The pale yellow walls are long going and our cool light gray with rustic accents really make this living space cozy. I just want to make some coffee and sit a spell.




Is my project over? Nope! I am still remodeling so keep following my journey to turn the inside of my home into a farmhouse dream, on a budget.

My name is Taylor and I am the writer of the blog Homestead Millennial. The blog posts are about homesteading and the millennial lifestyle.

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