Transform your Quaint Master, Farmhouse Style


I have been focusing so much time on my living room and kitchen that the bedroom felt a little lackluster. I knew my vision, but it was a slow process.

The bedroom was a blue color when we first purchased the house and it hurt my heart to see such a blue in our room that was yearning to be gray and antiqued white.


As you go through these pictures you will notice that this is not our furniture. Needless to say, the room looks bland and small. I needed to put my farmhouse antiquing to good use.

Our furniture

When we moved from Florida to the foothills of North Carolina our bedroom furniture followed us on that 12 hour journey. The furniture showed our sense of style, but the room was missing decor to really show off what we wanted to convey.

When we moved in my husband was working for a company and they had, what he considered, a light gray paint. Since it was free I didn’t mind trying to paint over this ocean blue color.


Unfortunately, the longer I looked at this color in the bedroom and bathroom, the longer I realized it was STILL blue. This drove me mad. I did not have one thing in our home to match this wall color and it started to throw off all of the decor I wanted to buy.

I needed a plan.

In my other post about the kitchen, I convinced my husband we needed to go to Lowe’s Home Improvement and find all of the color schemes needed throughout the home. Once we finished the living room and kitchen the bedroom was my next project.



As I finished painting this room a Dorian GraySherwin Williams Paint in Satin I started to feel my project moving right along. Already looking at the two pictures side by side there was a huge difference in color.

Next, the decor.

Now, I could have easily stopped at the paint, but I know myself better. I needed elements of farmhouse style to incorporate with my antique white furniture.


Most of these items are from Kirklands the window pane and wreath are from an antique store down the road.

This is on my husband’s side, of course.






The final look

I spend a long time trying to find what would work in this room to make it inviting and Kirkland’s was such a big help. Most of their stuff was on sale!


We may not have a luxurious bedroom and a huge master bath, but it’s functional, cozy and just the way we like it!

My name is Taylor and I am the writer of the blog Homestead Millennial. The blog posts are about homesteading and the millennial lifestyle.

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