What qualifies your home to become a farmhouse?

If you’re like me it makes me cringe to see someone call their home farmhouse when they live in city limits and sit on a third of an acre of land. The only reason it bugs me is because I don’t like to be cookie cutter. I don’t like to say one thing and it not be genuine. I love my home, believe me, this is exactly what my husband and I pictured our dream home to look down to the blueprints, but it isn’t a farmhouse. If there was anything we could do to the house we would put it on a lot more acreage, but this will do.

The house has a nice, big front porch equipped with a porch swing and room for rockers. The back deck looks our to our land and you can enjoy your cup of coffee as the sun rises over the trees. The open layout and the upstairs that leads to two bedrooms along with a downstairs master. A spacious kitchen with a brick red island. The house, the land, the location. Everything in this home is perfect.

Evoking my style

My husband and I love the antique look of homes. If we had the means of remodeling an old farmhouse and stripping it down to the bones we would, but realistically some people don’t have the money to do that.

When you want all of these things, something needs to give. We bought our home in it’s modern style. I knew what we needed to do, but calling it a farmhouse didn’t seem to fit. So, after paint and decor it was looking more and more of what we dreamt of.

Put a little farm in that farmhouse

The meaning of a farmhouse is the house that is set on a farm and right now there is no farm to be seen. This idea, however, is in the works. We plan to have ourselves a farm here in the next couple of years along with a year-round garden. Then, finally, I can call it home in our farmhouse.

Watch as this idea unfolds through my blog and tell me what you think!


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