What you got cookin’, good lookin’?

Man, do I love some food! Me, personally, it is desserts. After my husband and I got engaged we created a wedding registry to get all of our expensive kitchenware out of the way.

My mom bought us a Breville Mixer from Bed Bath and Beyond in red, of course. I finally got to get good use out of it over the summer while making things like bread, cakes, pies you name it! I was so intrigued with cooking and baking that this piece of machinery made me WANT to try.

What I have learned is that baking is a whole different ball game compared to cooking. With cooking, you can easily add in seasoning to a dish to make it your own.

But with baking? No way, Jose. 

I was fascinated by the baking shows on television and how precise the element needed to be in order to create rich, fluffy, moist or decadent desserts.

I am excited to start posting my renditions of my all-time favorite desserts and cooking recipes!

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