The Wonders of Second Grade.

Ever since I was in second grade I knew I wanted to become a teacher. Crazy how I end up teaching the same grade that actually inspired me.

My second grade teacher, Mrs. Doolittle, was an amazing teaching. She had us in first grade and decided to loop with us. She moved up to second grade to have the same class again and it was awesome.

My mom still has photos of Mrs. Doolittle and all of the wonderful projects we did as kids. Unfortunately, second grade has changed in the last two decades.

I never realized the amount of stress and anxiety that goes into teaching. The only silver lining is, in fact, the children. I love second grade because of where these children are at mentally. What do I mean by that? 7 and 8 year olds have these hilarious ways of telling stories and they come into your room as “babies” and leave your room on their way to be independent “big kids”.

Normally, parents tell me “good luck trying to get him/her to read” or “They hate reading”. Now that I have been in this grade for awhile I smile confidently and tell them, “That will change this year”. Second grade is where they transition from baby books to chapter books. They can increase their reading stamina because the book isn’t finished in 10 minutes. They feel like big kids when checking out Magic Tree House books in the library.

Is that any of my doing?

I go back and forth on this question a lot. Some days, I feel like I am not doing enough. I feel as though I was teaching to the walls. And sometimes, I see and experience that Ah-ha! moment from a child that lights up my world. Do I feel like I’m the sole reason? No. I feel that they learn to love reading by this age, but having a teacher who nurtures that love is helpful.

I could go on all day.

And teachers will, too! I can see my husbands eyes roll in humor as I come across a teacher in a public place. There is this instant connection that most people don’t understand. My husband knows this same feeling because he is a combat veteran. No one understands you, but the people who have been there.

So, these blog posts with be about my lesson plan ideas, anchor charts, and classroom decoration ideas. I plan to keep this going during these lengthy 10 months to remind myself, and others, that teaching is a passion we sometimes need to share with the world.


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